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3d lower teeth and dental implant isolated on white
July 27, 2017

They say that the thought of smiling alone has the effect of lifting your mood. A smile is the ice breaker that never fails; it makes you more accessible around new people and eases the labour that naturally comes with first interactions. People who like to smile a lot also have high esteem, mo...

3D rendering implantat, dental implant
July 27, 2017

What is the way back when you lose your teeth? A big section of the population has to cope with the loss of teeth and looking for alternatives to better their smile. As a matter of fact, 70% of the population in Australia has lost at least a tooth. The fact that most people have lost a tooth at...

by Springvale Dental Clinic
Dental x-ray Doctor holding and looking and Healthcare medicine
July 16, 2017

All about dental bone grafting

The term bone grafting may not sound very friendly; however, you’ll soon find out the importance of replacing dental bones in the case of lost tooth/teeth. Our jaw bone does a great job of holding our teeth in...


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