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Clayton is a vibrant suburb and a melting pot for many cultures. Of all the suburbs in Australia, Clayton is up there when it comes to the diverse birth places represented. A great place to raise a family, the suburb in the south east of Melbourne has a lot of hidden gems.

As of 2011, Clayton had a population of 15,545. 28% of that number represents people born in Australia. Other groups that make up the population include Indians, Greeks, Malaysians, Chinese and Indonesians.

Clayton is home to the second oldest university in Australia, the Monash University, which is also ranked as one of the top research universities in the country. The campus always brings the suburb to life with numerous retail outlets and restaurants for some entertainment and fine dining.

Living in Clayton

The life here is ideal for people looking to raise a family. The cost of living is favorable and you have everything you need around. There are a number of hospitals and clinics, a university, 2 pharmacies and an animal hospital too.

One of the most exciting things about the diversity is the different cuisines that you get to enjoy. You can choose from Thai, Japanese, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Greek and Hong Kong. Fast food and all the Aussie favourites can be found all around Clayton and parking is not a hassle.

The multi-cultural society is made up of quite hardworking folk with an appreciation for religion and a few churches in the area. As for children’s education, there is Oakligh South Primary school which is among the top 20 schools in Victoria.

Springvale Dental Clinic has a presence in Clayton

We are a dental clinic that has been offering expert professional oral care to Clayton for a long time now. Our professional services are there to cater for your dental needs in each and every way.

Get reconstructive or aesthetic procedures done with great results

We are a dental clinic that specialises in all sorts of dental work. You can come to us for your dental implants, teeth straightening and whitening among others. We are well versed in general dentistry and have a team of specialised dentists who will help you with all kinds of specialised dental care.

We have a group of multi-disciplinary professionals ready to attend to your every need. Our practice is there to provide you with the best family and kids’ dentistry in Clayton. Reach out to us right now and get all the assistance you need.

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