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Mulgrave is among the many Suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia. It is located 21km off the South East End of the Central Business District of Melbourne. The small suburb is estimated to have a population of 17,674.The name of the suburb originates from Mulgrave Castle, which existed in the County of York.


Mulgrave parish, as it was originally known, was known as the home of a Scottish Builder known as Thomas Napier in 1839.Napier first settled on the Dandenong Creek bank's and built his house in Jells Park, which was originally known as Bushy Park Wetlands. Today, none of those original homesteads are present though as late as the 20th century, some of the original structures still stood. Some of the remains of the homesteads were discovered during the Eastlink Tollway construction project, which led to a temporary halt in construction to pave the way for archeological examinations.

Present day

Mulgrave is among the suburbs in Victoria that have been divided into two districts, with each district sharing a common name. This came about when parts of Mulgrave were renamed to Wheeler Hill in the late 1990s. Because it is greatly reduced in presence and size, Mulgrave is mostly known as Jacksons Road, same as the road that runs through the suburb's eastern side. The key points of interests in the suburb are the Village Green Hotel, the Waverley Gardens shopping centre, the Sunday Mulgrave Farmers' market and the former Waverley Park football ground which was redeveloped into a housing estate.

Health services in Mulgrave

Health is an intricate part of the way of life of the people living in Mulgrave, and that is why there are several health facilities in the area. Said facilities see to it that the residents make informed choices regarding their day-to-day life. Dental health being among the needs that shouldn't be overlooked, the people in the area seek dental guidance by visiting the various practices in the area.

How to find a dentist in Mulgrave

For years now, Springvale Dental have been on the forefront in the provision of quality and affordable dental procedures to its patients. The dentists and dental assistants at the practice are highly qualified and personable. They have been in the field for a long time and boast decades of experience between them. Should you have a need for dental checkups or consultations, simply reach out right away and we will assist.

Pediatric Dentist near Mulgrave

Taking your child to visit the dentist can sometimes be a stressful experience. That's why it's vital that you choose the right dentist to handle your child and reduce any fear that they may have. Springvale dental clinic near Mulgrave has the best pediatric dental services. When you visit our clinic near Mulgrave, your child's dental health is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to offering your child the best dental experience that he or she deserves. Part of our commitment as a dental clinic is to offer children with a positive experience that will make them feel good about their dental health.

For a dentist to be well qualified to deal with children dental needs, he or she requires a lot of knowledge and experience in dealing with children of all ages. Springvale dental clinic near Mulgravehas been offering pediatric dental services for many years now. Our dentists work hand in hand with parents to provide theutmost comfort for their children. Also, we use start-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology in dental care so that we can offer the best services. We always encourage parents to join their children to the dentist office so that the child can feel relaxed and comfortable seeing his or her parent around during dental procedures. While looking for a pediatric dentist near Mulgrave, there are some important factors you must consider. Here are some of them.

Get Recommendations
Ask your friends and family of a dentist they trust. You can also speak to your child's doctor and get arecommendation from him or her. You can also visit the website of Australian Dental Association and search for children dentists near Mulgrave. Conductin-depthresearch on the names you will receive as referrals from different online sources.

Check Credentials
All dentists trained to handle pediatric dentistry must undergo a minimum of additional two years of instructions treating issues in children. A good pediatric dentist should be able to demonstrate confidence and knowledge in the dental habits that affect children. He/she must also be able to recommend the best treatment for children which is as pain-free as possible.

You will want to visit a dental office that provides an inviting and friendly atmosphere. Bright colours in the waiting bay, some toys for the children to play and a happy welcoming staff makes all the difference to a child. Some pediatric dentists even give some gift hampers to children containing fun toothbrush and toothpaste after a dental visit. Anything that will make a dental visit to be fun for your child will make him/herwants to visit the dentist again.

Patient and Educational
The dentist should be able to exercise patience with you and also must have the ability to provide educational information to you and your child. In most cases, children always have lots of questions especially when they are introduced to something new. You as well might want to have some answers provided on some issues. A good dentist should be more than willing to explain everything to you and your child in a way that you can both understand.

Springvale dental clinic near Mulgravehas all your child needs to have an outstanding dental experience. Go to our website and learn about some of our services or give us a call.

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