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Affordable Dental Services at Keysborough

Springvale Dental Clinic is distinctive and unique because we incorporate experience, skill, and technology under one roof. The work of our highly competent dentists of varying disciplines in dentistry coupled with the use of latest technology and equipment ensures that each patient is treated like royalty. At Springvale Dental Clinic, providing ultimate care to our patients is our top priority. From ensuring that they have convenient appointment time to educating them on good oral hygiene practices- we have carefully considered every single aspect of your dental care.

At Springvale Dental Clinic, we provide general and family dental services from crowns, implants, bridges, teeth whitening, fillings and more. Whether you are looking for cosmetic, general, children, family or emergency dentistry, we are the dental clinic that offers a wide variety of services using the latest technology close to Keysborough suburb. All our services are of high standard. We always strive to achieve one goal, and that is to offer you and your entire family, the same affordable, high-quality dental care that you can rely on at all times.

There is one fundamental philosophy that always guides us at Springvale, and that is to treat all our clients as individuals and not as numbers. Long are the days when people dreaded visiting a dentist, in any case At Springvale Dental Clinic near Keysborough we make sure that you feel relaxed and comfortable as possible.

Our dentists and other professionals are handpicked based on how experienced and qualified they are. Our main aim is to always provide high standard dental care to you as an individual so that you can benefit from fresh breath, healthy gum and a confident smile.

At Springvale Dental clinic just next to Keysborough, we take care of children dentistry; our staffs have an exceptional talent when it comes to handling children. They will do anything within their limit to distract and calm the children down during dental procedures. We are always committed to having your visit as comfortable as possible just as it would be like if it were our own homes. This will become apparent to you when you visit our clinic near Keysborough and you are received with our warm and very friendly staff who are always ready to walk you every step of the way.

Our staffs are well conversant with a range of languages ranging from Hindi, Arabic, Tamil, and Malayalam to English, so you don't have to worry if you speak any of this languages and you are in need of a dentist. Just feel free to visit anytime or give us a call for free consultation.

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Shop 19, 792 Heatherton
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3172 Australia


All staff members of Springvale Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.


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