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Heatherton is a tiny suburb of Melbourne, Victoria. It is found a little over 20 kilometres to the South East of Melbourne’s CBD. Its close proximity to this massive city makes it one of the many feeder villages in the area. The City of Kingston’s local government is responsible for the administrative affairs of this suburb. Due to its puny nature, Heatherton is known as a small place where everyone seems to know everyone else within their radius. This has fostered unity within the area, and activities like joint communal policing have been a massive success among the 2768 residents (figure is as per the 2011 census). In sharp contrast to some of the bigger suburbs of Melbourne, Heatherton is mostly consisted of widely spaced buildings that are mostly recent. In actual sense, it is a largely open village where the population density is way thinner than you would expect to find in a metropolitan area. The village has two main golf areas as well as a massive park known as Karkarook Park.


For a long time, Heatherton was known for its hefty deposits of sand. As a result, tens of companies trooped into the area in the past to exploit this advantage. At the moment, sanding activities have significantly reduced, and some of the bigger sand extraction sites have changed hands and gotten repurposed. For long time, residents of Heatherton enjoyed the services of the Heatherton Post Office, but the establishment was finally closed in 1973. Now the area makes use of advanced methods of communication such as courier, fax and email.

Daily life in Heatherton

The residents of Heatherton are either self-employed or work over at the Melbourne CBD. Daily life in the village is rather idyllic, and parents take weekends off for several holes of golf or tag along with the kids to the park.

Health in Heatherton

The Kingston Centre is one of the primary health facilities in the suburb and is known for its Aged Care and Rehabilitation section. Apart from this centre, there are smaller clinics whose services are as diverse as there are ailments out there. The Springvale Dental Clinic is another healthcare facility in the area, and its role is to provide all sorts of dental services for every single demographic in Heatherton. At Springvale, we have a diverse set of professionals who have an extensive background in dentistry. If you are looking for a dentist in Heatherton, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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