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Our promise to the people of Dingley

Dingley is one of the many suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. It is quite some distance from Melbourne’s CBD, and you will need to travel 22 kilometres to get to the heart of Melbourne. Dingley is by all standards a small suburb and boasts a population of just a little over 10,000 people.


By many accounts, Dingley has been around since as early as 1856, when a settler from England, Thomas Attenborough, moved into the area and built a house. He named it Dingley Grange, and the moniker seems to have stuck around since then. Over time, people settled around the area, attracted by the church in the locality as well as a booming sense of economic activity. For a long time in the early 20th century, the economy of the area was supported by a cannery that was owned by 5 brothers and employed over 50 locals.


By the 60’s, Dingley was fast becoming a major part of the life of Melbourne, Victoria. Up to that point, there was only one school in the area but after the 60’s, two more were established. The shopping areas took of a more formal aura, and Dingley was off to a great start. At the moment, Dingley has 3 primary schools, host of sports facilities and a number of churches. It prides itself as the hometown of the rock band Jet.

Health services in Dingley

Dingley has a number of health facilities, and they cater to the various needs of the 10,000-strong population. One of the standout services offered in Dingley facilities has to be dentistry. The people of Dingley care quite a bit about their dental health, which is why they find time to visit their dentists at least twice a year .Parents are constantly trying to learn more about the dental health of their children, so you will find plenty of children in the few practices around.

Finding a dentist in Dingley

No practice has established itself in the Dingley area as Springvale Dental Clinic has. For a long time, we at the clinic have served the needs of the locals, which is why we have a stellar reputation among the residents. Our professionals carry out all sorts of dental procedures-all the way from simple checkups to the fitting of braces, alignment of teeth, and treatment of tooth and gum diseases as well as the extraction of teeth. Our service is exemplary, our methods are technologically motivated and our rates are competitive.

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All staff members of Springvale Dental Clinic are licensed professionals. Our staff consists of licensed general dentists.


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