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Located in Melbourne, Victoria, Dandenong is a thriving suburb 30 kilometres to the South East of Melbourne’s CBD. It is a thriving hub of the city and has for a long time been known for its vibrant economy and welcoming populace. The 2011 census showed that Melbourne had a population of 2400 while the 2014 tally showed an increase of 5,000 people. We can therefore deduce that this is without a doubt one of the faster rising suburbs of Melbourne.

From humble beginnings to a behemoth of trade and industry

Dandenong started out as a township in the year 1852. However, over the course of time, it rose to become one of the leading economic centres of its time within Melbourne. When the 20th century set in, Dandenong could boast its avalanche of schools, churches as well as community halls. The spirit of oneness within the various subsets of the area has culminated in a hub of economic, social and cultural pride.

An open policy toward immigration

An approximately 67% of the people living within the confines of Dandenong were born outside Australia. This percentage is higher than most places in the country could ever boast. It is an indicator of the suburb’s open border tendencies; everyone can come in, start from scratch and thrive in whatever they do. The local governments in the area are known to enact policies that support communal living and shared economic values. At the moment, Dandenong has a massive Indian, Albanian and Turkish population.

What does the health sector in Dandenong look like?

Dandenong has a huge healthcare setup, with hospitals and clinics providing services ranging from regular diagnosis and treatment for all people, facilities that cater exclusively to children as well as institutions whose main lean is maternal health. There are also a number of dental health facilities, and our very own Springvale Dental is one of the leading ones.

Landing a dentist in Dandenong

If you have been looking for a dental specialist in this great suburb of Victoria, then you have found the ideal place. Springvale Dental Clinic has been of the leading providers of an assortment of dental health services in Dandenong for quite an amount of time. We handle the dental needs of people of all ages in the area. Whether you are looking for regular checkup, a diagnosis, treatment or even teeth extraction procedures, we got you covered. All you have to do now is reach out to us right away.

Dandenong was established just as a township as early as 1852. Today the suburb is the original capital of the south-east and also the civic heart of the Greater Dandenong. Dandenong has undergone significant transformation since the State Government funded it a sum of $290 million for revitalising the central Dandenong initiative which has helped to create a fresh new lifestyle in the suburb.

Dandenong is home to one of the largest and oldest markets in Victoria that is well-known for amazing global food scene. The fusion of culture, food and diversity can be experienced in the Little India and Afghan Bazaar. Little India was recently recognised as Victoria’s first Indian cultural area.

Dandenong is a self-sufficient suburb following the expansion of government office precinct and jobs in healthcare, public administration and retail trade. The suburb is complemented by a sizable performing theatre, public square, museum and gallery.

Movement and Access

Dandenong is a very walkable activity centre. One can walk for approximately 8 minutes from the centre to the train station. Dandenong’s walk score is about 96 out of 100. You do not require a car to move from one place to another. The train is one of the main means of transportation, but there is still 21 bus routes that interface with the station. However, the transport system is still not properly developed, and a majority of people prefer to use their own private means.

Shopping and Trade

Dandenong environment is very supportive of local business. The traditional main street comprises a total of more than 900 businesses. Thisis supported by a regional shopping centre that contains 180 speciality shops. Some of the major tenants in the shopping centre include Woolworths, Kmart, Aldi and target.

The iconic Dandenong market, one of the oldest and largest in Victoria occupies 18,000 square metres of space. The market houses a number of stalls that provides a broad range of goods including fresh vegetables and fruits, baked goods, jewellery, clothing and toys.

Dandenong was recently classified as a major activity centre under the Melbourne 2030 policy due to its location with regard to its easy access to transport.

Residential and Dwelling

Almost half of theresidential homes (48%) in Dandenong are flats. 45% of these flats are owned or being purchased by their occupants.

Community, Culture and Leisure

The historic Dandenong market is considered as a cultural icon. It is a popular destination and a point of difference in south-east region border. Dandenong’s cultural areas: Afghan Bazaar and Little India provides a focal point for culture, community celebration and social interaction.

The suburb houses cultural venues and municipal arts including Dandenong Community Arts centre, Walker Street Gallery and the Drum Theatre. Dandenong also has social history museum, a Library and Historical society rooms. The presence of these social amenities shows that Dandenong is a suburb that fully celebrates its diverse culture. The suburb also has other places where people can enjoy some informal activities such as skate parks and playgrounds.


The suburb has a number of Australian Rules football teams. One of its main team is known as Dandenong Redlegs. Other teams include Shepley Oval Dandenong Stingrays and St John’s Old Collegians. Other sports played in the suburb includes cricket.

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