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What are your options for teeth fillings?

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What are your options for teeth fillings?
November 13, 2017
by Springvale Dental Clinic

When it comes to having a tooth cavity filled, it is essential to know that you have the right to decide on what materials and treatment to be used for your dental care. Your dentist will determine the materials on a personalised basis, taking into consideration of the size and location of the tooth cavity. There are several teeth filling options to choose from. These options are highly effective for restoring your tooth structure and make it possible to chew or bite down with no irritation or discomfort. The most vital part of any teeth filling is to restore a tooth. It is also important to make a decision of a filling based on the longevity, functionality, appearance, and budget. Here are your options for teeth fillings that are currently available.

– Amalgam fillings

Amalgam has been in use for more than a decade now to fill teeth cavities, and it is still widely used these days. It is a strong combination of elemental metals, and it may also include components of silver, copper, tin, mercury and other metals. Amalgam fillings are silver in colour therefore they are not the best tooth coloured fillings to be used in more visible teeth at the front of the mouth. Amalgam contains some mercury; therefore, doubts have been raised about its safety. Excess exposure to mercury has been linked to causing neurological problems, especially among children and infants. However, research done by major health organizations have determined that amalgam fillings are a safe option for teeth fillings. The other components are used to stabilize the mercury and mitigate the risk of its ill effects.

– Composite fillings

Composite is a tooth coloured material which is made of quartz or glass and resin. It is increasingly becoming the most commonly used filling material used by dentists to restore teeth. Years ago, this filling was not as strong as amalgam fillings and tended to become discoloured and worn out over time. However, with technology advancements, these problems have been resolved to the point that there’s increased prove that a well-placed composite filling is more durable than an amalgam filling. The best advantage of composite filling is that they are natural looking and gives a more attractive finish than amalgam fillings. Also, they help to hold teeth together and prevent teeth fracturing by bonding to the tooth around filling.

– Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are among the most durable dental fillings options available. They can last up to 20 years. They are made from a laboratory depending on the shape and size of your tooth and then cemented into place. Due to their durability, gold fillings are considered to be one of the best filling material.

– Porcelain

Porcelain fillings are also knowns as inlays or onlays. They are the strongest class of restorations; they are custom made in a laboratory to fit in or over a cavity. This class of restoration suits patients who tend to wear down or break teeth and fillings or restoring large cavities that are too big to be repaired with conventional fillings. They are made to look like your natural teeth.

– Resin or Glass Ionomer

Kids are also vulnerable to cavities and may also require having those cavities filled. Resin or glass ionomer is used to fill primary teeth since they are considered delicate and vulnerable to wear and tear. When used on an adult, they are placedin places where there is no huge pressure while chewing.

Bottom Line

In case you need to have your tooth filled, talk to us at Springvale dental clinic. We will help you choose your most preferred tooth filling material and let you know the pros and cons of your preference. To find what are your options for teeth fillings based on your tooth or budget, make a call and schedule foran appointment with us at Springvale Dental Clinic.


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