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Foods that May Cause Teeth discoloration and Erosion – Teeth Whitening

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December 22, 2017
by Springvale Dental Clinic

Just like scoring a date with your long-time crush or a big promotion, a shiny, luminous white smile is what dreams are madeof. Research shows that people with whiter teeth are alleged as more socially smarter, competent, and more contented with their relationships and more psychologically adjusted. Another study suggests that a brighter smile may result in more success in both your personal and professional life. However, certain foods and drinks always get on the way to achieving a brighter smile. If you start to see tons of stains on and erosion on your teeth, try cutting your intake of the foods and drinks on the listed below.


We are all aware that drinking alcohol is not exactly healthy. Drinking alcohol dries out your mouth and leads to enamel erosion. A dry mouth lacks saliva, which is needed to keep our teeth healthy. Saliva prevents food from sticking on your teeth by washing away food particles. It also helps in repairing any early signs of gum disease, teeth decay and other mouth-relatedinfections. To prevent your mouth from dehydrating, drink plenty of water and use fluoride rinses and mouth hydration solutions.

Sour Candies

It is not surprising that candies are bad for your mouth. But sour candies contain more and diverse types of acids that are tougher on your teeth. They are also chewy and constantly stick to your teeth for a longer time. Therefore, they are more likely to cause teeth decay resulting in teeth discolouration and enamel erosion. Candies that tend to change your tongue colour are most likely to stain your teeth also.

Acidic and citrus food

Acidic and citrus foods break down tooth enamel to expose the dentin. This is the yellowish tissue below the enamel that is composed of phosphate and calcium crystals. Oranges, lemons and grapefruits are tasty as both juices and fruits and are filled with vitamin C. Nevertheless;their acid content can lead to teeth erosion, making your teeth more vulnerable to decay.


Now imagine of any food or drink that can discolour a white linen tablecloth, then it obviously haspotential of staining your teeth too. Red wine is an acidic drink that has intensely pigmented molecules called chromogens and tannins that are notorious for staining and erosion. White wine is more acidic and can cause dental erosion and discolouration.


As much as tea is well-known as a healthy beverage. It may not be the best option when it comes to keeping your teeth white. Dentists say tea, especially the basic black tea, can result in more stains than even coffee. Nevertheless, research has shown that even white tea and herbal tea have high potential to cause erosion and discolouration.

Curry and tomato sauce

These sauces may be delicious, but deeply coloured sauces such as tomato sauce, soy sauce and curry sauce are believed cause significant teeth discolouration. Consider lighter cream sauces for less damaging options and brush or rinse your mouth immediately after eating to reduce potential staining.

Soda and other carbonated drinks

The chromogens and acids contained in these drinks can result in serious stains and erosion on your teeth. Even light-coloured sodas contain enough acids that may encourage staining. Acidity in some carbonated drinks is so intense that is compared to acidity in battery acid.

Bottom Line

At Springvale Dental Clinic, we are supportive of ongoing efforts to help maintain strong teeth, healthy gum and a beautiful smile. This includes advice from our dentist on what foods and drinks to watch. If you are concerned about discolouration or enamel erosion that has already happened on your teeth, talk to us,and we will advise you on the best teeth whitening option. If you have any question about how you can keep your teeth clean and white, we are happy to discuss this matter with you. Just give us a call or schedule an appointment.


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